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👋 Hi, I’m Nick!

I’m a software engineer who enjoys building scalable, responsive, mobile-first web applications. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m really interested in building applications that look beautiful and run fast. I enjoy programming and solving complex problems with elegant solutions. Recently I built this site - a Gatsby.js blog site built on the Casper design framework.

Here’s a few things to know:

  1. I’m a former trader (equities, commodities, mortgage-backed securities, etc.) that pivoted into tech solutions for capital markets.
  2. I live with my wonderful fiancé in beautiful Oakland, CA.
  3. Cooking is a passion of mine; I plan to post my technical writing here but also some of my favorite personal recipes.

This website/blog is my attempt to participate in the democratization of media. Free from the anti-consumer, ad-driven business models of large social media platforms or other legacy gatekeepers my small, independent, and vertically-integrated publishing house serves only me.

Thanks again for checking out my content. If you want to receive updates straight to your inbox make sure to subscribe to my mailing list. I take your privacy very seriously.

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Nicholas Vincent-Hill

Nicholas Vincent-Hill

Software engineer, trader, and amateur chef

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